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Monthly Archive for May, 2007

Top Places to Visit For Summer

With summer right on our front door, it’s about time to plan ahead on what you want to do and where you want to go. With 194 countries in the world and millions of cities, it’s hard deciding where to go. Here is a narrowed list of great places to visit during your summer vacation!

Washington [...]

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Clash of the Movies Summer 2007

You may all know what the movie industry has in store for us this 2007 summer year, but do you know what movie is going to be the best? Let’s take a quick look at Spiderman 3, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Shrek the Third, Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds [...]

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Viagra Helps Fight Jet Lag

Viagra has helped many male adults get dates, Mark Martin race, and changing the way Americans think in just a couple of years. However, researchers have found another use for this controversial drug.Researchers in Argentina say the drug may help in treating jet lag. The researchers tested the drug on hamsters and made them feel [...]

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NBA Playoffs Round 3

Comments on Second Round- With insane Steve Nash passes to the awesome plays from King James, the second round contained the most intense action yet. Probably the best basketball was played with Spurs and Suns series. This series was the roughest and fun to watch yet with all the bloodshed and flagrant fouls. The other [...]

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From singing in the shower to listening to a 1GB fully loaded Ipod; music is a part of everybody’s lives. This might be a good thing in some ways, but it also makes us vulnerable to one of our worst enemies… getting songs stuck in our heads. A song that sticks will lead to more [...]

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Father Microwaves Baby

Human beings have always been fascinated at what happens when we stick random objects in our microwaves. From turning grape into plasma to turning toothpicks into explosions, microwaves are a primary source of entertainment. However, last Thursday, a man crossed the line from entertainment to sick.
Josh crossed over the line, when he put his own [...]

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