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Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Parents Forget to Name their Son

CHICAGO - On September 12th the Fields family had their first son, but in this case, they were so excited that they forgot to name their son, doctors said.
“So, what are you naming this wonderful boy?”, said Doctor I. Furget.
“Name, oh my gosh! We forgot about that!”, said the Fields family.
“Well, I will give [...]

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Bridge To Nowhere Built

ALASKA- A Bridge leading to absolutely nowhere has been completed. The bridge took over 5 years to go using about 100,000 workers. The bridge supposedly leads walkers to the land of Nowhere that’s supposed to be a world of mystical creatures. Thousands have attempted to get to the other side.
“The bridge really leads you [...]

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Cavemen in Mars Found

MARS- “This is quite shocking news,” Janes Barnes, head of the mission, spoke out about the finding of life on Mars.
An orbiting spacecraft directed by NASA has found life on Mars. However, the Martians aren’t more advanced than us like many TV show depictions, instead they come in the form of cavemen. The cavemen [...]

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Advertising Opportunities Available

A Blog that Lies is now offering various forms of Advertising at very reasonable prices. If you’re interested in placing your ad here, here is a list of the ads we are currently offering.
125×125 Buttons
These buttons will appear sitewide on the right sidebar. There is a maximum amount of four buttons available. These will [...]

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The Onion Made Into Weapon

IOWA- Onion LLC is redefining the definition of a weapon. When you think of a weapon what comes in mind is usually a knife or a gun. Onion LLC plans to change all of that by releasing a new type of weapon in the form of an onion. Yes an onion. The weapon will look [...]

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UNITED STATES- Are you morbidly obese? Need help getting around? Lifting Inc. has just announced their new transportation service for any morbidly obese individual. The form of transportation used is a fork lift and can take you almost anywhere you want to go. Lifting Inc. just announced this service to the public and will start [...]

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