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GEORGIA- A group of woman dubbed the ‘Barbie Bandits’ are on a stealing spree. The Barbie Bandits have been spotted in over ten toy stores stealing every Barbie doll they could get their hands on. Stores have reported hundreds of dolls missing from their shelves, and no one knows the motive.
“These crimes are almost […]

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NEW JERSEY- The United States is the home of the free, but it’s also home to a lot of weird hobbies including collecting books or coins. However, none are weirder than collecting old sneakers. The stench from Michael Goodenburg’s collection of old sneakers prompted authorities to search his house in fear of dead bodies. Neighbors […]

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Cat Charged With Felony

LANSING, MICHIGAN- A lot of strange incidents have been happening in the city of Lansing these past few days. The latest incident involves a cat charged with a felony. The cat allegedly knocked over a shotgun making it shoot one round. The owner was shot in the leg and is now in a local hospital. […]

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Bigfoot Causes Massive Cave In

UTAH- Bigfoot was spotted in Hutington, Utah today. A group of farmers chased the creature with shovels and picks all the way into the forest. They managed to surround it. Suddenly, the creature let out a howl that could be heard from miles. The sound was so loud and powerful; it knocked the farmers unconscious […]

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Raining Money in Tokyo, Japan

TOKYO- An upside down gigantic safe has been spotted over the sky of Tokyo, Japan making money fall from the skies. The owner of the safe and why it’s up there still remains a mystery. For now, money has been scattered all throughout Tokyo in mailboxes, bathrooms, and on the ground.
“I was just working on […]

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“Snaaap, Craaackle, Pooop! (Pop? :D)” was the sound one victim of the mysterious ice dropping incident described.
“It felt like the earth was shaking or Osama had bombed us.” said a hill billy from the small town of Alma, MO.

It’s true, today a bizarre phenomena occurred in the town of Alma. 50 pound ice chunks heavier […]

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