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Today was the first day of summer for me. It seemed like a drop of heaven. I’m still not use to the fact that I have no homework. Well, with three months ahead of us, it’s best to plan it out now. Here’s a list of things you don’t want to miss this summer.

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Things to Do in Your Spare Time

You’ve updated your blog, posted on some social bookmarking sites, and have nothing else to do. Your options are a) sleep b) eat c) go to bash.org or d) do what the experienced bloggers do. What do they do? Here’s a list of things to do in your spare time to promote your website.

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Exam Time!

High School is known for causing a lot of stress and pain. In fact, they should have a warning label for eighth graders: Warning! Entering High School may cause serious stress and sometimes can be fatal. However, there is one word that causes more stress than anything else: Exams.

Usman and I (Alex) are currently taking [...]

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Spring fever is a time where we, the high school students, have a day off from our hard work. During Spring Fever the entire High School holds certain activities for the kids to do. Activities may vary amongst sports, board games, video games, and mind games. We start our “Day Off” after 1st hour, and [...]

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A Life Map in Time

Going back in time I remember a few moments in my life that stuck out the most. These moments were memorabilia to my childhood, and are interesting, yet out of the ordinary, incidents in my history. Take a look at what these are and you’ll know a bit about me and my favorite moments…
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